Sondra & Markus Ray

Liberation Breathing

“Liberation Breathing® is a modern way of taking in more Life Force. It is easy and simple. It is the quickest way I know to clear you of your negative thoughts and memories that are consciously and unconsciously limiting your life.

A well trained practitioner of Liberation Breathing® can save you years of struggle... and bring you to decisions that will alter your life always for the better... liberating you from the past. Through Liberation Breathing® you can reclaim your power to be the ruler of your destiny.

No longer will any circumstances be "beyond your control", as you invite the Divine into your life to forgive and erase the past, and inspire you to be your Self.”

Sondra Ray

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Liberation Breathing - Your Bridge to Miracles

Sondra & Markus Ray

Sondra & Markus Ray

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